Personal Jet Aircraft

By introducing an affordable turbofan engine in the 500lbf thrust class, Turbine Aeronautics is hoping to open up a whole new class of Experimental aircraft.  This is the Personal Jet aircraft segment of the market and it has enormous potential.

But what is a Personal Jet?  We feel that it is first and foremost an affordable jet aircraft that anyone who owns a light twin or high-end experimental could own and use for their personal needs.

The first real Personal Jet was the innovative CMC Leopard, developed by Ian Chichester-Miles in the UK.  It was a diminutive, very high performance four seat jet that created a great deal of excitement when it was unveiled in the 1980's.

Turbine Aeronautics has undertaken some conceptual design work on a potential Personal Jet aircraft.  Given the name "Aurora", the aircraft is a perfect match for the proposed TA500TF turbofan engine and would offer a comfortable 4 seat limousine-type interior, but with jet performance at Lancair type costs.