Since the dawn of flight, mankind has been experimenting with his flying machines.  Some were successful, some were not.  However, many of the technical advances in aircraft design have come from these innovators.  Orville and Wilbur Wright, Anthony Fokker, Reginald Mitchell, Igor Sikorsky, Burt Rutan and Dick Van Grunsven are examples of innovators who have contributed significantly to aviation.

The "Experimental Category" offered by a number of regulatory authorities around the world facilitates the ability of the modern day innovator to make his own small mark on history by developing his own, unique aircraft.

Turbine Aeronautics would like to become part of history by being the first company to develop and market a viable, affordable range of turbine engines for Experimental and other recreational category aircraft.  Offering such a product will allow aircraft designers to develop innovative aircraft that will be able to take advantage of the distinctive features of our engines.

In addition to the Experimental Category, Turbine Aeronautics is also aiming to introduce its engines to the LSA segments of the General Aviation market, as well as the rapidly emerging military and civilian UAV/drone markets.

Turbine Aeronautics also plans to develop a small turbofan engine in the 500lbf class that will be ideally suited for Personal Jet type aircraft.  We have already done some conceptual design work on our own Personal Jet, the "Aurora" and we would like to lead the way in this extremely exciting future market by providing an affordable powerplant to suit this application.

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