Hello fellow enthusiasts,

I would like to introduce myself. I am a former 16-year military pilot (RAAF) and lifetime recreational aircraft enthusiast.

7 years ago, I purchased the Lightning Bug experimental aircraft business, as well as a Lightning Bug aircraft. I needed to re-engine that aircraft but could find no suitable power-plant that had the required properties of light weight, high power, small size and reliability. Having accumulated many hours of turbine engine flying, I decided to develop my own turboprop engine for the Bug.


I very soon realized that such a power-plant would  likely be welcomed across the recreational aviation fraternity in general.  7 years later, the Proof of Concept engine is running and tested and we have created a corporate entity, Turbine Aeronautics which is now refining that engine in order to be able to offer it  to the general public.

We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.


Dave Limmer

Founder and CEO

Turbine Aeronautics

Oshkosh 2016

Lightning Bug kit aircraft

TA120TP Proof of Concept turboprop engine

Founders Message