Experimental Aircraft

The Experimental Category aircraft segment will be the backbone of the business for Turbine Aeronautics.  Our range of uncertificated turbine engines is being specifically developed to fill the gap in the market for an affordable, lightweight, powerful and reliable turbine engine for use in the most active and innovative segment of the recreational General Aviation market.

The TA120TP is designed to be a drop-in replacement for the Rotax 912 family of engines.  Turbine Aeronautics will develop a mounting frame that will match the Rotax bed/firewall mount points, while placing the prop flange in an identical location to the Rotax's prop flange.  Of course, being substantially lighter than the Rotax, there will be weight and balance issues that will need to be addressed for each individual application.  However, Turbine Aeronautics intends to offer firewall forward packages for the leading experimental brands to make the upgrade to the TA120TP as easy as possible.

Likewise, the TA200TP will potentially suit any aircraft that is currently fitted with the O320/O360/O390 legacy engines or similar.  However, with the TA200TP anticipated to weigh in at under 150lbs, there will be significant weight and balance issues that will need to be addressed for each application.

We would like our engines to be a catalyst for innovation in airframe design.  A number of leading kit aircraft manufacturers have already expressed an interest in developing entirely new airframes to be designed around our engines and to take advantage of the specific features that our turbine engines will offer i.e. small physical size, low frontal area, extremely light weight compared to equivalent piston engines etc.  We would also like to see individuals displaying their own innovation to design aircraft around our engines.  All of a sudden, those WW2 replicas will have an engine that can actually fit comfortably inside that sleek engine cowl...

Examples of Potential Applications for the TA120TP
Examples of Potential Applications for the TA200TP