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The Turbine Aeronautics Family of Engines

The Proof of Concept TA120TP turboprop engine was initially developed with the aim of being the first prototype for a ‘family’ of engines based on a core design which would suit multiple applications and service the current gaps in the Light/Sport, Experimental Category, Personal Jet aircraft, and Military/Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV/Drone) markets.

The 200hp TA200TP engine will now be the launch engine for the range of engines to be offered by Turbine Aeronautics.


Disruptive to incumbent piston/reciprocating engine manufacturers, the Turbine Aeronautics family of engines are small, lightweight, high power to weight ratio, multi-stage gas turbine engines which utilise a modern design, exotic materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to deliver category-leading performance and physical characteristics as well as enhanced safety at competitive/comparable prices.

Competitive Advantages and Features
The TA120TP – Proof of Concept engine  (actual photo)
The TA120TP POC engine – 3D CAD drawing

The Turbine Aeronautics engines intend to incorporate the following features which will offer significant competitive advantages over incumbent piston engine offerings:

1.  Ceramic coated hot section components where required

2.  Advanced compressor & turbine design

3.  Utilises the latest manufacturing techniques

4.  Small size

5.  Light weight

6.  Diverse fuels

Current Developments 
The Future
The Aurora Personal Jet concept aircraft