If you are interested in reserving a delivery slot for one of our engines and require any clarification about any issues, please contact our Business Development Manager, Berni Breen on (cell) +1 (228) 304-1250 or email him via the button below.

Reserving a Delivery Slot for a TA120TP or TA200TP Engine

Delivery slots will initially commence at #101.  The first 100 delivery slots for each model of engine are reserved for a special offer that will initially be made solely to all existing delivery slot holders and will occur sometime between now and when the first engine will be delivered.  This special offer will be something to look forward to as there will be significant incentives to buyers to participate in the special offer program.  It will offer existing delivery slot holders the option of converting their slot to one in the first 100.  The offer will initially be a "closed" offer for a specified time that will be limited to existing slot holders.  During the "closed" offer period, the first 100 slots will be allocated to existing slot holders with a priority based on their existing delivery slot.  After the "closed" period expires and if the first 100 delivery slots have not been filled, the special offer will be opened up to new delivery slot customers. 

Delivery slots will be reserved on a first come, first served basis and the amount of the deposit will be US$500


Only two deposits are allowed per person. You will be able to transfer or sell your deposit position. The person you transfer it to will not be able to transfer or sell it and it will no longer be refundable.


You will be under no obligation to take delivery of your engine when your number comes up but if you do not execute the Sales Agreement when offered, your slot will be forfeited and you will be allocated the next unallocated (bottom of the list) slot, or alternatively you may cancel your reservation and receive the relevant refund from Escrow.com.


The balance of the purchase price for your engine will be due upon execution of the Sales Agreement for your engine, which will be done when your engine is close to delivery.

We would like to make it clear that your $500 deposit is not at risk under our reservation program and you will be at liberty to withdraw your deposit at any time for any reason.  All deposits will be securely held with Escrow.com. If you cancel your delivery slot for any reason you will only lose the applicable $25 (for wire transfer deposits) or $35 (for credit card or PayPal deposits) escrow fee. The balance of the $500 deposit will be returned to you.  Turbine Aeronautics will not be able to access your deposit until your engine is ready to be delivered to you, and you have signed the Sales Agreement for your engine.


Acceptable forms of payment of the $500 deposit to reserve your delivery slot are Wire Transfer, Credit Card or PayPal.


Final prices for our engines will be determined and advised to delivery slot holders and general customers, once the engines are actually in production.  However, we provide the following price guides for our launch engines:

TA120TP - A similar price to a fully equipped Rotax 914

TA200TP - A similar price to a new IO360

If the final price or specifications, as advised to holders of reserved delivery slots when their engine is ready for delivery is not acceptable to the slot holder, they may cancel their reservation and receive the appropriate refund of their deposit.

Reserve a Production Delivery Slot now

Please read the following instructions to reserve a Production Delivery Slot for your 120hp TA120TP or 200hp TA200TP engine.  Once you have read the instructions and have an understanding of what is required, work through the procedure using the buttons provided.

If you wish to reserve two engines (maximum allowable per customer), you will need to complete two separate transactions.

Step 1:

If you do not already have one, establish an Escrow.com account.  Click on the button below to open the escrow.com sign-up page in a new window and follow the simple instructions to establish an account.  The sign up process involves a "Tier 1 Verification" of your account.  This occurs immediately.  Once your verification is completed, your Escrow.com account will be active.

Step 2:

Once signed in to your Escrow.com account, select the "Start Transaction" tab at the top of the page.  You will be taken to the following page.

Under "Type of Transaction" select "Milestone Transactions" and under "Your Role" select "Buyer".  Then select the green "Continue" button.  This will redirect you to a page titled "New Milestone Transaction: Step 1 of 3".

Step 3:

On the "New Milestone Transaction: Step 1 of 3" page, populate it per the screenshot below. Take care to ensure that the email address and phone number for the Seller are entered correctly as per the screenshot below.  Note that in the Transaction Title, the Buyer will need to specify either Turbine Aeronautics TA120TP Deposit, or Turbine Aeronautics TA200TP Deposit depending on which option the Buyer would like to put a deposit on.


Select "Continue" once all details have been inserted.  This will redirect you to a page titled "New Milestone Transaction: Step 2 of 3".

Step 4:

On the "New Milestone Transaction: Step 2 of 3" page, populate it per the screenshot below.  Ensure that you identify which model of engine that you are reserving a delivery slot for.  To help with populating the page, you may copy and paste the following text, ensuring that you amend it to reflect which engine option you are placing the deposit on.

The Deposit will secure the right to a designated Production Delivery Slot to purchase a Turbine Aeronautics Turboprop engine designated TA120TP / TA200TP upon execution of a Sales Agreement between Buyer and Seller.


Select "Continue" once all details have been inserted.  You will then be redirected to a new page titled "New Milestone Transaction: Step 3 of 3".

Step 5:

The "New Milestone Transaction: Step 3 of 3" page provides a complete summary of the transaction.  Check that all details are correct and if so, select the green  "I Agree to the Terms for this Transaction" button.

Final Step:

Once the Buyer has agreed to the transaction, a request will be sent by Escrow.com to Turbine Aeronautics to accept as Seller. Upon acceptance by the Seller, Escrow.com will facilitate transfer of the deposit to the relevant Escrow.com trust account and will advise the Seller upon receipt. Once Turbine Aeronautics has received this confirmation, it will send an email to the Buyer confirming receipt and advising the Buyer of their reserved Production Delivery Slot number.